Dipping Pretzels & Mustard Pairing

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Pretzels and Mustard are one of the best pairing you can add alongside your charcuterie board—or honestly, even just as a standalone snack!

  • Thick and Crunchy Dipping Pretzels x 2
    These Old Fashioned Pretzel rods are perfectly salted and slightly thicker than your average pretzel rod. A special baking process ensures quality freshness and crispness for that added crunch! But Most importantly, these pretzels are fantastic for dipping!

  • White Wine Herb Gourmet Mustard
    This is a modern take on the classic Dijon mustard. Partially grainy with a creamy smooth herbacious body—the addition of White Wine and Fresh Dill will elevate your charcuterie board, crackers, and pretzels to the next level.

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