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Classic Box FS

Premium, small batch, charcuterie

The Classic box is delivered to your door with 4-6 premium handcrafted cured meats in every box. The classic box gives you exclusive access to handcrafted salamis, prosciuttos, bacon, and more that you won’t find in your local grocery store!

February 2022 Classic Box


Marcos Salamanca, has been producing cured meats the old fashion way since 1960. Marcos hails from a small town of 1000 people called Soto Serrano in the region of Salamanca in Spain. All their livestock is raised in the region registered for its compassioned farmers. Marcos Salamanca dry cures all its product in the belly of a mountain—where its higher moisture levels creates a very unique flavour profile.

Customers can look forward to:

  • Presliced Iberian Chorizo
  • Presliced Iberian Salchichon
  • Marcos Salchichon Salami
  • Marcos Chorizo Salami
  • Fuet Sticks