Gluten-Free Niagara Food Specialties Cured Meats Box

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Channel your inner Italian with this savory set from a Truly Artisan Italian Charcuterie Maker – Perfect for picnics, pizza night, pasta family dinners, gourmet sandwiches, and charcuterie platters

✔️ Niagara Food Specialties

Niagara Food Specialties is a Canadian artisan of traditional Italian inspired salumi. They source from farms in southern Ontario and all their pork is humanely treated from farrow to finish. It’s naturally raised without ever administering antibiotics or growth hormones to the animals. They are also Certified Organic and only use sea salt to preserve and time to air dry the meats. 

This artisan is the REAL DEAL – Premium Quality Charcuterie Meats

  • Sliced Prosciutto (100g)
  • Sliced Smoked Lonza (100g)
  • Sliced Soppressata (100g)
  • Sliced Salami Al Prosciutto (100g)
  • Napoli Chub (155g)

We understand the importance of a Great Gifting Experience, that's why this Gourmet Meat Sampler comes uniquely packaged in a Red Carnivore Club themed box. All meats are shelf stable and ready to eat, making this a perfect gift for any occasion