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Super Bowl Essentials: Things you don’t want to miss out on

Super Bowl Essentials: Things you don’t want to miss out on

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest nights of the year for many American households and celebrated in many other regions. One of the best things about it is the celebration that brings families and friends together for some time. While everyone watches the game at your place, you must make it more fun for them by keeping all the essentials ready to be used.

Top 10 Super Bowl essentials you don’t want to miss

Here are the top 10 Super Bowl essentials you must arrange at the Super Bowl party this year.

1. Salami

Any gathering or event where you have cured meat levers is incomplete without having Salami. From eating it raw to incorporating it with different sandwiches, it will be the best food item to include in your Super Bowl essentials checklist.

It will be a good combination if you place some buns or slices of bread along with Salami, as anyone can take other ingredients and make their customized sandwich to feast during the game.

2. Cheese

Who doesn't love cheese, especially when you have sandwiches, salami, and jerky around? Cheese is a must-have for your Super Bowl party menu, and you can add it in any form available, from slices or sauce to melted, and even shredded cheese would work great.

While having cheese directly is not possible, it adds a lot of taste to sandwiches and meat. Even mixing it in your dips will make them extra creamy and tasty.

3. Jerky

Jerky is yet another form of cured meat that can be added to your Super Bowl menu. It is a good snack to change the flavor as it can be eaten raw. Apart from that, just like salami, you may incorporate it with other matching ingredients to create flavorful sandwiches.

Several varieties of jerky are available, differentiating depending on the meat source and the flavoring, as some are spicier than others. Be careful about your protein and sodium portion size if you are concerned about health.

4. Dips

When it comes to dips, there are endless possibilities. Dips can be store-bought, and you can make your own. Although these are not taken alone, they give a lot of character to anything you eat.

The best part is that a huge variety is available in dips, and you can pick a few depending on your likes and dislikes. A few of the best suggestions include salsa dip and cheese dips.

5. Sandwiches

You need to balance out the menu to satisfy everyone at the party, and to do that; sandwiches make a great choice. At the same time, everything else on the menu is a bit spicy. Add some sandwiches to the table as these will be lighter on the spice and easier to eat for everyone.

Sandwiches, again, can be homemade or store-bought. So, if you are going for homemade ones, you can leave room for customizations.

6. Buffalo wings

You surely don't want to miss any part of the game but having the best food is also a must. Get some buffalo wings. Buffalo wings are much easier to make as you can even bake them, which removes the hassle of frying or barbecuing them during the game.

On top of everything, these are flavorful, crispy, and saucy, depending on the sauces you pick. These taste amazing when paired with the right dip sauce.

7. Pizza

There is no way you will disappoint pizza lovers on Super Bowl day. So, it is a must-have item on the menu, but you may not have enough time and resources to make everything at home. Instead, go for some nearby pizza place that offers decent quality. Now that you have added pizza to the list, you have balanced the menu with items on the less spicy end.

8. Chips and crackers

French fries, packed potato chips, and plain crackers. All of these will be something that you can keep eating as you enjoy the game. Place these in bowls, and don't forget to put the dips alongside them because that allows everyone to enjoy several flavors. Keep enough stock of these because you may need to refill the bowls several times, considering these are the easiest items on the list to feast on.

9. Ice

Your menu will be incomplete without plenty of ice because you cannot cool down dozens of drinks in your fridge, especially once the first batch of cool drinks runs out. So, keep some ice, so everyone can enjoy their drinks at the perfect temperatures.

10. Drinks

The last thing at your table will be drinks, and when it comes to drinks, everyone has different preferences. Some want to go for a beer and alcoholic drinks. Meanwhile, there may be guests who want plain soda with no alcohol. So, stock up for both of these people, and don't forget to have a few bottle openers so nobody has to hunt for the bottle opener inside your kitchen.

Other things you could add to the checklist

Along with the food and drinks, there are some other things and arrangements that must be a part of your checklist, including:

  • Cleaning your place must be a part of the checklist. Clean the living area where all the guests will sit and watch the game. Freshen up your bathroom and ensure that your kitchen is clean.
  • Get some disposable cutlery if you have a lot of guests, as these are much easier to clean. Alternatively, if the guests are fewer, you may manage them with regular cutlery.
  • Make sure that you have enough seating arranged, especially around the TV.
  • If you don’t want to get your guests wiping their messy wingers with whatever they find, get some napkins.

With all these things, you will be ready to host the best Super Bowl party.


To make all the arrangements go smoothly, you may want to change the setting of your TV area so everyone can comfortably enjoy the game. This party will be more fun with everyone's favorite game and foo if you get all the essentials as discussed above.


Image by stokpic from Pixabay