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Incorporating Salami in Meals: Everything you need to know

Incorporating Salami in Meals: Everything you need to know

Salami is one of the cured meats that brings a sweet, savory, spicy, and salty combination of flavors combined with the natural meaty flavors. While you can eat it raw, there are several ways to incorporate salami into your meals, and you can entail multiple benefits by adding salami to your meals.

Different ways of incorporating Salami into meals

Incorporating salami into your meals is not difficult. You just need to find the right dish to add salami to, and that's it. Here are some meals that can easily add salami to your diet.

1. Salami stir-fry

Although you will need a wok or an iron pan to make the salami stir-fry, there are no other special needs. Remember that stir-fry needs to be quickly made, so get all your ingredients ready before you toss anything on fire. From veggies to nuts, you can add anything you want but keep ginger and garlic finely chopped. Replacing meats with salami is not necessary, as you can keep both.

2. Fondue

The main ingredients in fondue are cheese and wine. Apart from these two, some traditional ingredients can also be changed depending on the taste requirements. It allows you to blend salami with ingredients like bread cubes and pickles.

As a result, you get a much more flavorful fondue that comes with pieces of salami. Along with salami, you may add some other cured meats for a meaty taste.

3. Charcuterie fried rice

Making Charcuterie fried rice means fixing and matching Italian cuisine with Chinese recipes. Fried rice is Chinese, where rice, spices, veggies, and wine make the basic ingredients. As you add spices or pieces of salami, you will be adding an Italian touch to this rice.

While some people like to add chicken to fried rice, you can keep it with salami or replace it with salami, as chicken has a little blunt taste.

4. Salami on a Pizza

One of the easiest ways to incorporate salami into your meals is by adding it on top of the pizza. While making a pizza, no matter what toppings you choose, just add slices of salami, and you are good to go. For a richer, cured meat taste, you can make a pizza with marinara, salami, and cheese.

5. Salami mac and cheese

Mac and Cheese with salami combine Italian and American dishes, which is worth trying. When you prepare this mac and cheese, keep all the ingredients, including cream, cheese, olives, and pepperoni, and add salami. Once ready, you may sprinkle it with breadcrumbs and a pinch of black and white pepper. Instead of keeping salami in sliced form, either dice it or make it into smaller bits.

6. Salami breakfast

You can add salami to your breakfast in several ways. The easiest one is by adding in your eggs. Add it to your omelet when beating the eggs and toss it into the frypan. Alternatively, you can take bits of salami and garnish your friend's eggs with them for a richer cured-meat touch. Otherwise, take salami slices and place them in your breakfast sandwich, no matter which other ingredients you are using.

7. Salami soup

Prepare garlic and tomato broth with noodles, potatoes, and olives. Add slices of salami to the soup, which will be perfect for keeping you warm on a cold day. You may take it as a stand-alone meal or prepare several dishes with this soup. The noodles can also be replaced with other types of pasta for better aesthetics.

Benefits of incorporating Salami in Meals.

Adding salami to your meals is not only about the taste, but it has some health benefits. Below are some benefits you will entail from incorporating salami into your meals.

Rich in protein

Salami is rich in protein, and it is something that our bodies need the most. Salami has amino acids that can repair our muscles after every workout and exercise session, and it also helps repair bone structure. With an ample protein supply, our immunity system strengthens.

Eating enough protein also helps in weight loss. Especially for the gym freaks, if they find other protein sources boring, they can switch to salami to meet their protein requirements.

Contains probiotics

Salami is one of the cured meats that is processed through a fermentation process. During this process, several beneficial bacteria are produced, including probiotics. These are helpful for our hut as those probiotics help absorb helpful nutrients, store healthy fats, and regulate the blood sugar levels inside the body.

All these beneficial bacteria are produced after salami is fermented at the right temperature while maintaining a specific moisture level.

Boosts metabolism

Making your metabolism faster is directly helpful when you want to lose weight, and eating salami is very helpful. It contains zinc and Vitamin B12. These produce new red blood cells and get other processes going, including boosting metabolism. Additionally, these help in improving brain function and cognition.

Thus, Salami is beneficial for boosting metabolism, making us active, helping in weight loss, and making the brain more efficient.

Is there anything that you need to be careful about?

Excess of everything is bad, and when you eat too much salami, you take high amounts of saturated fats and sodium into your body. Both are dangerous in high amounts leading to high blood pressure and liver and heart diseases.

So, if you want to eat salami while staying healthy, you should monitor your portion size. In this way, you will not be taking excessive sodium and fats.

Final Words:

Salami makes a heavenly choice for cured meat lovers because it is rich in proteins. Meanwhile, it packs some of the best flavors you could ever find in cured meats, and through different variations, you can find which ones the perfect for your tastebuds.

Along with its rich taste, it also comes with some benefits you can enjoy if you monitor and manage your portion size. So, try different recipes to incorporate salami into your meals and enjoy making them even tastier.


Image by Couleur from Pixabay