May 2019 Snack Box

Smaller box, Big taste, Joined The Club.

The Snack Box is jam-packed with premium meat snacks. Each month you can expect to get delicious meaty treats that will satisfy your inner carnivore. The snack box is for busy people who crave meat-on-the-go.

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(i) Derf Jerky

Derf Jerky is the answer to every jerky lover's prayers. They offer gourmet beef jerky that is authentically Québécois. Their jerky is packed with powerful flavours ranging from honey dijon to coco cumin. Tease your taste buds with these delicious flavours, ‘cause word around is - once you’ve got your hands on Derf Jerky’s products you can’t stop at just one.

This month, you can look forward to jerky in the following flavours:

  1. Smoked Raspberry Jerky
  2. Cola Pepper Jerky

(ii) Great Canadian Meats Founded in 1992 in Whitby, Ontario as a two-man operation, The Great Canadian Meat Company started with a single product - their authentic Dry Pepperoni. From there began an expansion that today includes the largest selection of shelf-stable meat snacks in Canada. The Great Canadian Meat Company turned out to be an enormous success and they went on to launch Kurtzie’s Gourmet Deli selection, featuring their speciality European style charcuterie and salami products. Sourcing their pork from Quebec and their beef from Western Canada, they truly are an all-Canadian company producing high quality, tasty meat snacks enjoyed from coast to coast.

This month, look forward to:

  1. Genuine Jerky

(iiI) Espuña With a history dating back to 1947 in Olot, Spain, Espuña - a family-owned company founded by Esteve Espuña - combines high-quality ingredients with time-honoured Spanish recipes to create award-winning, authentic cured meats and Spanish-style tapas. They’ve received 8 innovative “Product of the Year” awards for their cañitas, tapas al minuto and slices of ham in zip reclosable packs products.

This month, look forward to:

  1. Chorizo Cañitas
  2. Salami Cañitas
  3. Fuet d’Olot Cañitas