March 2019 Snack Box

Smaller box, Big taste, Joined The Club.

The snack box focuses on the meat-eater who loves their meat to-go. Highlighting up to 2 artisans each month, the snack box features 4-6 meaty snack items from premium jerky and pepperettes to salami chips, packed in our high-quality Carnivore Club Snack Box. Each box comes with a Meat-Eater's Handbook that details the artisans' story and each product featured in the box.

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regular price CA$29.99
15% Discount

(i) Pork Shop

The artisans at Pork Shop have made it their mission to revive the charcuterie movement by bringing an eclectic mix of flavours and cultures into everything they create. All of their sausages, rillettes, greaves, and pepperettes are created from Quebec certified pork. Gear up for beautiful deli platters!

Here is what’s included:

  1. Grace Meat Cartridge
  2. Maria Meat Cartridge

(ii) Broya Broya has always believed that eating is a sacred experience, and that’s why they put their heart and soul into each product. Their delicious Protein Bites are mixed with natural sweetness, mild spices, and ethically sourced meat that is 100% pasture-raised and free of antibiotics and hormones. A healthy snack that tastes good and makes you feel even better!

Here is what’s included:

  1. Jalapeno Honey Chicken Bites
  2. Mango Madness Turkey Bites