March 2018 Snack Box

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Golden Nest

Since their establishment in 1995, Golden Nest has won over tens of thousands of customers within Canada and abroad. From the very beginning, they’ve been dedicated to the practice of providing only the best quality products, derived from natural and organic sources. Golden Nest’s transparency and health-conscious approach to consumer goods has made them a trusted name and allowed them to experiment with unusual and exciting styles of jerky.

Florence Meats

The Goriup family really knows their meat! Their reputation for producing the highest quality food products started long before they opened shop in Oakville, Ontario. Before moving to Canada, Slovenian-born Mario Goriup owned and operated a butcher shop in Johannesburg, South Africa for 25 years.

  1. Honey Sriracha Chicken Bar (Golden Nest)
  2. Honey Teriyaki Pork Bar (Golden Nest)
  3. Honey Sriracha Beef Bar (Golden Nest)
  4. Sliced Biltong (Florence Meats)
  5. Biltong Snack Sticks (Florence Meats)