January 2019 Snack Box

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Located in Toronto, Wagener's Meat has been a family run business since 1966. They produce the finest quality deli meat products using traditional family recipes and methods. Their product lineup is impressive and includes such award-winning meat products as sausage, bacon, cold cuts, poultry, chicken, turkey, ham, pork, salami and more.

Great Canadian Meats

The Great Canadian Meat Company was founded in 1992, in Whitby, Ontario, Canada as a two-man operation with their flagship product, our Authentic Dry Pepperoni. Since then they have expanded the brand to include Kurtzie’s Gourmet Deli, branching out into specialty sausages and salami products.

Here is what’s included:

  1. Jalapeno Pepperoni (Wagners)
  2. Teriyaki Pepperoni (Wagners)
  3. Chicken Pepperoni (Wagners)
  4. Barbecue Beef Jerky (Great Canadian Meat)
  5. Sweet Heat Beef Jerky (Great Canadian Meat)
  6. Genuine Beef Jerky (Great Canadian Meat)