Derf & Espuna Snack Box

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Three Awesome Meat Companies:

Great Canadian Meat Company:

The Great Canadian Meat Company was founded in 1992, in Whitby, Ontario, as a two man operation with a flagship product, Authentic Dry Pepperoni. Since then they have expanded the brand, not only with a delicious selection of Pepperoni Sticks but with an awesome line up of premium Beef Jerky.

Derf Jerky:

Inspired by traditional methods of curing meat, Derf reinvents beef jerky with its original marinades and its low in sodium and without preservative additives. Derf Jerky is rich in protein, ideal for a boost during physical activity, useful to improve a meal or easy to take away for a simple snack!


With history dating back to 1947, Espuña combines innovation and practices to ensure that their Old World Spanish cured meats maintain artisan craftsmanship for a truly authentic Spanish experience. Espuña represents Spain’s finest, authentically produced, and regionally inspired cured meats available in the market.

Here's What Deliciousness Comes Inside: 

  • Cola Pepper Beef Jerky (2oz)
  • Smoked Raspberry Beef Jerky (2oz)
  • Chorizo Canitas (2oz)
  • Original Olot Canitas (2oz)
  • Salami Canitas (2oz)
  • Genuine Original Beef Jerky (1.2oz)