December 2017 Classic Box


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Seed to Sausage started as a hobby a number of years ago. With a love for food and the desire to create I started to cure my own meats, making everything I could find a recipe for. Over the years I was fortunate enough to travel and visit many different small scale salami makers. When our family moved to Ontario I was saddened to see there were few places like this around. After three years of talking with friends and giving away my creations I decided the area could benefit from the addition of an artisan salami maker. While we prepared for our new shop I was able to train alongside German and Italian sausage makers and great chefs in order to refine my skills. Now, we’re here to make great food for you and your family.

At Seed to Sausage we make tasty meats. We work with local producers as much as possible, using as few additives and preservatives in order to make safe good foods. From our award winning fermented salami, pancetta and guanciale, to simple sausages and an array of deli style and smoked meats. Everything is made by hand, one by one.

We strive to offer simple, good food. Everything we make is hand crafted on a small scale. We use the minimum amounts of salt and other additives as possible. At Seed to Sausage we strive to produce some of the best artisanal cured meat in Canada.

In December, Canadians can look forward to:

  1. Dried Chorizo
  2. Blue Cheese Jalapeno Salami
  3. Wild Boar Nduja
  4. Cajun Rubbed Lomo
  5. Dry Cured Duck Breast