April 2018 Snack Box

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West Coast Select

The family behind West Coast Select was involved in fishing crab, salmon and halibut on a boat named "The Sundance Kid" long before their prosperous family fishing business evolved in 1990 to offering gourmet quality, smoked salmon products under the brand "West Coast Select."

Black Angus Meats

This unique store has graced the Lakeshore area of Southern Mississauga for years, offering customers high quality game meats. Their staples of bison and lamb started them on a path that has led them to offering some of the most interesting, nutritious and tasty cuts of game meat you will ever find.

  1. Original Beef Jerky (West Coast Select)
  2. Original Salmon Jerky (West Coast Select)
  3. Hot Salmon Jerky (West Coast Select)
  4. Hot Beef Jerky (West Coast Select)
  5. Smoked Venison Snack Stick (Black Angus Meats)
  6. Hot Venison Snack Stick (Black Angus Meats)
  7. Venison Jerky Snack Stick (Black Angus Meats)
  8. Sweet & Smokey Venison Snack Stick (Black Angus Meats)
  9. Teriyaki Venison Snack Stick (Black Angus Meats)