April 2018 Classic Box


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Amsellem & Monte Nevado

Carnivore Club is featuring two artisans this month: Amsellem from Quebec and Monte Nevado from Spain. These amazing producers know that everything starts with the careful selection of meats followed by a variety of natural spices—all of which provide a fragrant and delicious natural tasting product.

For more than 80 years the Amsellem family has produced incredible cured meats in Saint-Laurent, QC. The family’s proud French-Canadian history is the backbone of their production techniques. French Canadians are a no-frills cohort who’s love for charcuterie runs deep.

Monte Nevado’s history goes back to a family from the highlands of Segovia, an area exposed to the winds of the nearby snow-capped mountain peaks with extraordinary climate conditions for curing ham. Monte Nevado is recognized for their slow and lengthy natural curing processes, which requires the selection of the highest quality hams with higher fat content.

In April, Canada customers can look forward to:

  1. Rosette Beef Sausage (Amsellem)
  2. Smoked Chorizo Sausage (Amsellem)
  3. Milano Sausage with Sweet Pepper (Amsellem)
  4. Iberico Jamon (Monte Nevado)
  5. Serrano Jamon (Monte Nevado)