Original Beef Jerky (Great Canadian Meat)


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Our Jerky Is Meticulously Crafted The Old-Fashion Way Using Only Succulent Cuts of Premium Beef, Genuine Jerky Delivers That Delicious Burst of Energy You Need. Whether You're Hitting The Road, Taking It OFF-Road, Navigating The Lake or Getting Lost Amongst The Maples, Genuine Jerky Offers A Quick, Convenient, and Great Tasting Snack Anywhere, Any Time!

This Is The Perfect Snack While You're Out On The Trail, On A Long Road Trip, or A Great Go To Snack While You're Working or After A Tough Workout.

*High Protein Snacks Like Our Beef Jerky Helps You Replenish Your Muscles and Maximize Your After Workout Recovery.

Great Canadian Meat Is Family Owned and Operated and Is Made In Whitby, Ontario. We Have Been Making Some of Canada’s Best Tasting Beef Jerky Since 1992.