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Wine and Cheese Pairings

cheese and wine pairings

Matching wines and cheese together can be an intimidating task, especially when it is the final choice to tie your whole charcuterie board together. You’ve already made your meat and cheese pairings and now we’re here with a cheat sheet to help make your wine selections much easier.


Here are ten of our favorite wine and cheese pairings to help you create successful matches:


  1. Cabernet Sauvignon and Extra Sharp Cheddar. A full-bodied, dry red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon has a slightly fruity taste which pairs well with the bold flavors of strong Cheddar cheese. It also pairs well with other intense flavored cheeses, especially those that are firm and salty.


  1. Merlot and Herb Cheese. A medium to full-bodied, dry red wine, Merlot has hints of plum and black tea that are well accentuated by herbal cheeses.


  1. Malbec and Vintage Cheese. The strong flavors of Malbec are a good compliment to vintage or reserve cheeses.


  1. Zinafandel and Jalapeno Cheese. Zinafandel has dark jam and pepper hints. It is fruity and spicy, which makes it a good pair for a spicy cheese like jalapeno or buffalo.


  1. Pinot Noir and Gruyere. Pinot Noir has earthy tones that highlight the nuttiness of Gruyere.


  1. Chardonnay and Mild Cheddar. The fruitiness and crispness of Chardonnay makes it a good compliment to milder cheeses such as Mild Cheddar or Colby Jack.


  1. Moscato and Pepper Jack. Spicy cheeses work best with sweet wines, which is what makes Moscato and Pepper Jack such a good pair.


  1. Riesling and Spicy Cheeses. Riesling is sweet and acidic which makes it good for cutting through the strength of spicy cheeses.


  1. Sweet Rosé and Colby Jack. Colby Jack calls for a sweet and creamy wine, which makes a sweet Rosé and appropriate match.


  1. Vintage Port and Stilton. The older a port wine, the sweeter it is, which is why it goes well with blue cheeses like Stilton.


A good selection of wines can bring a charcuterie board to life and allow the meats and cheeses to shine. With these simple tips, you can create your own wine and cheese pairings with ease. Use this guide as a starting point to kickstart your creativity as you create combinations of your own.