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Spiciest Salamis from Around the World

Spiciest Salamis from Around the World

Salami is a type of sausage that was originally made in Italy but now this specific type of sausage is made in different parts of the world with varying recipes. There are some milder versions with some spicy ones. With carefully chosen spices, a salami can add a lot of character to any recipe. Spicy salami goes on pizza as well as in pasta and especially on the charcuterie boards.

Selecting one for your next dish can be difficult with different types of salami from different countries. So, here we will share some of the best and spiciest salamis from around the world.

Spiciest Salamis from Around the World

The following are the top 11 spiciest salamis that you will find in different parts of the world.

Afyon sucuġu – Turkey

It is a halal-certified spicy sausage from Turkey that comes from ground beef. The beef is seasoned with red paprika, cumin, garlic, sumac, and other spices to maintain a unique taste and spicy touch. It is great when combined with eggs after frying for a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Afyon sucuġu will also be a great addition to your grilled sandwiches in a unique Turkish style.

Ventricina – Italy

Ventricina is among the famous Italian spicy salamis. It is made with pork, garlic, and spicy and sweet pepper to balance savory and spicy flavors. Wild fennel seeds and black pepper add to the taste of this salami, and it is usually used in thick slices paired with bread. It is also available in softer and spreadable versions, which include abundant fats with other herbs and spices.

Baranjski Kulen – Croatia

This premium salami is made with the best pork cuts combined with red paprika, salt, and garlic. It is famous for its premium texture and smoky taste while being one of the spiciest salamis you can try. The pigs for making this salami are selected from ones raised in Baranja, and the meat takes at least 9 months to cure.

During the curing period, it is smoked and dried several times while covered in ashes, giving the premium smoky taste.

Csabai kolbász – Hungary

Csabai kolbász is made with a manual boning method to remove all sinews to ensure the best quality pork meat. A unique thing about these is that they are made only from pig fattened to 135Kg or higher in weight. Combining it with salt, caraway, and paprika gives it a spicy taste. Csabai kolbász has a smoky and hot flavor due to the smoke treatment during the drying process.

Babic – Romania

Babic from Romania is dried raw and is usually made by mixing beef with pork, while some versions also contain mutton. It is seasoned with hot paprika, sweet paprika, and salt. After stuffing in casings, it is pressed, dried, and smoked for the winter seasons. You can call it mild to intense spicy, depending on the amount of hot paprika used for seasoning.

Traditionally it is used as an appetizer with a cold beer or red wine.

Gyulai kolbász – Hungary

Gyulai kolbász is made using a slow smoking process using minced pig meat with fat. To add spiciness, it is seasoned with mild and hot ground paprika with caraway, garlic, pepper, and salt. Before the drying process starts, it is smoked over a slow wood fire. While buying these, ensure that there is no mold outside to stay safe from germs.

Slices of this salami can be perfect when eaten alone or paired with bread.

Chorizo Riojano – Spain

Another pork salami that is handmade to maintain the quality and perfect balance of spicy flavoring. It is made using only the best pork cuts, and its production is also done separately in Spain to keep it different from all other chorizos.

Salame Toszano – Italy

Made with Pork’s shoulder, lard, lean belly, and ham parts, it offers a unique texture. This salami is stuffed in natural casings and dried well for 4 months. It is intensely spicy because of the combination of different parts of pork ground mixed with intensely hot spices.

That’s why a good way of using it is by slicing it in thin slices. Its texture is creamy and smooth as the cross section will reveal a balanced mixture of fat and lean pig meat.

Strolghino – Italy

A delicious salami that comes from the Parma region of Italy. The sausage is simple and spicy and is seasoned with spices like pepper, chili, cumin, paprika, and other spices. The mixture is stuffed into a natural casing to give it a sausage-like shape. The delicacy can be used to prepare various delicious meals or have them for breakfast.

Morrpolse – Norway

This Norwegian sausage is one of the oddest types of processed food that people have enjoyed since the era of Vikings. Traditionally it was made with sheep offal and tripe. However, a variety of meats are used, like sheep and goats.

The meat is finely chopped and seasoned with a variety of spices like paprika, nutmeg, juniper berries, caraway, pepper, chili, cumin, cinnamon, and more to give an amazing take. The meat used is 70% lean meat and 30% fat which gives it a juicy and delicious taste.

Kiełbasa myśliwska – Poland

It is a traditional Polish sausage, also known as a hunter sausage, because it was specially prepared for hunters with low moisture levels, which they can take on their trips. It is like a curved sickle-like appearance with wrinkly skin and dark brown color.

Specially selected spices like pepper, juniper, and garlic are used for preparation. To prevent it from spoiling, a small amount of sugar is added and dried.

Final Verdict:

Salami is no longer restricted to Italy. Even though most types of salami still come from Italy, other countries like Hungary, Poland, Spain, and Norway contribute to producing some of the spiciest salamis in the world.

These are made with carefully selected meat and spices for the best flavoring. So, if you want to cook something with a spicy salami, the ones discussed above will be your top picks.

Image by jhenning from Pixabay