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Prosciutto Pairings

Prosciutto Pairings

Prosciutto is one of the tastiest cured meats available. Meaning “ham” in Italian, prosciutto originated in Italy in pre-Roman times as a way to store meat through the long winters. It is made from pork legs, which are seasoned with salt, dried, and then aged for 14-36 months.


Prosciutto is famous for its rich flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture. While we know that prosciutto is perfectly delicious to eat on its own, here are our top five ways to pair and serve prosciutto.


Slice It. Thinly sliced prosciutto is the star of any charcuterie board. It can be paired with creamy cheeses like mozzarella or hard cheeses like parmesan to provide a bold flavor contrast. Fold the slices in half on the board to improve your presentation.


Wrap It. The salty flavor of prosciutto causes it to pair well with sweet flavor fruits. The classic prosciutto and fruit combo is a slice of cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto and topped with fresh basil. If you want to go more modern, you can wrap figs, pears, avocados, or apple slices instead. Pairing a savory flavor with sweet is always going to be a hit! Another option is to wrap other meats with prosciutto. You can wrap pork chops, chicken breasts, other cured meat, and even scallops with prosciutto to enhance the richness of the dish. 


Drizzle It. One of our favorite prosciutto appetizers is the classic bruschetta. With this dish, you will instantly feel transported to a Tuscan vineyard. Toast the bruschetta slices, top with prosciutto and fresh mozzarella, and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. You can also add olives or balsamic vinegar for a more unique twist.


Skewer It. Skewers are the on-the-go version of a charcuterie board. Take bite-sized pieces of cheese, tomatoes, and prosciutto and put them on skewers for an easy appetizer your guests are sure to love! You can also add other meats like cured ham or cured pork. Skewers give you the opportunity to try different pairings of meats and cheeses. Make a variety of combinations and see what you like best.


Sandwich It. A classic way to elevate any sandwich is to include prosciutto. Fill a baguette with cheese, veggies, and prosciutto and you have the perfect Italian sandwich.


At Carnivore Club, we know prosciutto is among the most delicious cured meats. With so many different uses, the dishes that you can pair prosciutto with are endless. Whether you have leftover prosciutto from a charcuterie board, or bought it just for the occasion, these pairings are the perfect way to let your prosciutto shine!