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Meat On-the-Go

meat on the go

Whether you’re on the road, camping, or frolicking, chances are you need to bring snacks with you. In the age of keto dieting, there’s no better snack choice than on-the-go meats.


Meat-based snacks help build muscle and allow you to stay full longer, which is perfect for long days hiking, camping, hunting, or just when you need a boost. The challenge is finding meat-based snacks that are both healthy and easy to prepare.


If you want to develop a daily snacking regimen, or simply want options for long days out in nature, we have a list of great ways to add extra protein to your diet by incorporating our Carnivore Club favorite – cured meats!


  1. Jerky and meat sticks. The most obvious and popular grab-and-go option, jerky and meat sticks require no prep. Meat sticks even come individually packaged. One of the best things about these is that they are perfect for any taste and you can easily switch it up based on the wide variety of options. Jalapeno, teriyaki, barbeque, the list goes on and on. Additionally, there are many options of meats. Beef and pork are the most popular, but you can also find turkey, bison, and sometimes even duck.
  2. Nuggets and bites. Chicken nuggets and steak bites are good, healthy options you can find in the grocery store. They are ideal for a quick breakfast or pre-lunch/pre-dinner snack. Most can be microwaved, but they shouldn’t sit out for more than two hours, so these are more ideal for an at-home snack or prepped at home and eaten shortly after.
  3. Bacon snacks. Yes, bacon is fatty, but it can also help curb cravings for sweets. When added to a salad or other dish, bacon bits help keep you satisfied longer and give you some much-needed protein. If bacon sounds too unhealthy for you, turkey bacon is also widely available and healthier (although not quite as tasty!)
  4. Tuna is awesome for its low calorie count and ability to be eaten safely at room temperature. It can be eaten on its own, atop crackers, or in a sandwich or salad.
  5. Deli meat snacks. Steer clear of the pre-packaged deli meats. All the additives and salts should be avoided if possible. Fresh deli meats are a great on-the-go snack choice. Turkey, chicken, and roast beef are all delicious options to eat whenever, wherever.
  6. Similarly to canned tuna, salmon can be eaten by itself at room temperature. It’s probably best at home, when you can make it the centerpiece of a veggie or cracker snack, but it stands alone nicely as well.
  7. Salami snacks. Salami and cheese is a perfect snack that will fit in any lunchbox or purse. You can also get creative with cracker stacks, layering cheeses, veggies, hummus, etc. to make a delicious bite.


Pre-packaged meat snacks are convenient, but the fresher the meat you’re taking with you to snack, the better. At Carnivore Club, we offer a wide selection of artisanal cured meats that are prepared with only the best ingredients. Our Snack Box make the perfect snack for our busy, on-the-go customers!