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10 Ways to Incorporate Pork Belly into Dishes You Must Try

10 Ways to Incorporate Pork Belly into Dishes You Must Try

Pork belly is a good source of protein, vitamins, and several nutrients. However, it is important to maintain a healthy balance in your diet by adding pork belly. If you are also looking to make pork belly a part of your healthy diet, you are right. Here we will be discussing our 10 best ways to incorporate pork belly into dishes you can eat in a routine.

10 Best ways to incorporate Pork Belly into dishes you must know

Following are the 10 best ways to incorporate pork belly into dishes that you can easily make a part of your routine diet.

1. Make pork belly a part of your sandwiches.

Sandwiches are good for starting your day, and they can be an afternoon snack as well. The best part about sandwiches is that you can have one quickly at any time. So, get pork belly and bead of your choice. You can choose the regular bread slices or go with long buns or burger buns.

To develop the tangy flavor of pork through proper marination, you can use some lemon zest in your sandwiches to bring out the best taste.

2. Add pork belly with ramen.

Next up on the list is ramen. There are many recipes for ramen that you can try. The good part here is that you can try adding different types of meat to ramen, and pork belly can be one of them. While making this ramen, you will have choices about using different types of broth, spices, and veggies.

Things do not stop here because you can also add eggs in different forms to your ramen with pork belly.

3. Adding pork belly to pasta is a good option.

Pasta comes in different types, and there are several sauces as well. One thing common about all types of pasta is that you can add pork belly to it. Pasts taste and look so good with meat, and pork belly can be your perfect choice. Pair your pork belly up with some tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.

If you want to make it taste even better, you can add fresh basil, parsley, and dry oregano for an even richer taste.

4. Pork belly tacos and burritos have no match.

If you want some Mexican food with pork belly, you need to try a taco. Making a taco and adding pork belly to it might be one of the best ways to incorporate pork belly into dishes. You need to make sure to serve pork belly with some tangy salsa for a better feel.

Also, prepare your pork belly in a crispy form and preserve it with its fat. Here you can also make burritos with pork belly if you have other stuffings, including salsa, beans, and rice.

5. Pork belly infused eggs can give your day a healthy start

Having an egg at the beginning of the day is common for many people. While egg itself is a rich protein source, you can make it even better by adding pork belly. Cut small cubes of pork belly that you can add in the following ways:

  • Omelets while mixing the egg
  • In scrambled eggs
  • In the yolk of the fry-eggs

You can garnish your eggs with fresh spring onions and parsley for better taste and aroma when your eggs are done.

6. Adding pork belly to your salads will be a healthy choice

Salads come in several types. There are vegetable salad, fruit salad, mixed salad, and more. The interesting thing here is that you have the option to mix pork belly with all the veggies. Surprisingly, it looks and tastes amazing. Such a salad can be a perfect mid-day snack if you are on a diet.

While you make a salad, you can shred pork belly or cut it into cubes depending on how you like to eat it.

7. Make stuffed pork belly rolls.

If you make apple-sweet raisin stuffing or apricot honey stuffing and want something to stuff with it, then pork might be a good option. Just take pork belly and cut it into thin strips. You can place your filling in the mid and roll your pork belly. Cook it well so that the pork belly is dry outside while tender on the inside. The flavors of your stuffing will also make the meat flavorful and juicy.

8. Make Korean-style barbecue with pork belly.

Korean-style barbecue is good to eat with sauces, but it combines gravies, rice, tortillas, and bread. So, making Korean-style pork belly barbecue spiced with traditional Korean spices will be no less than a treat. Do not forget to have kimchi with it as it will complement the Korean spices in the best way.

9. Texas smoked pork belly can go with many dishes.

Are you craving some Texan flavoring? No matter what you are going to make, if meat goes in there, you need to try smoked pork belly with Texan flavoring. You can cut and marinate the pork belly before cooking or season it and cook it as a whole. Either way, you will have a unique flavor with Texan-traditional spices.

The essence of woody smoke in the meat from the grill will make it distinct in its flavor. It makes smoked pork belly a perfect addition to many dishes.

10. Toss some pork belly on your pizza

The last thing you can try is putting some pork belly on your pizza. Whether you want to cook in or barbecue it, you will need to marinate pork belly pieces for better flavoring. You just need to toss it on some fresh pizza bread with tomato sauce, dry oregano, and fresh basil for aroma when it is ready. The final product will have a sweet and smoky taste.

A mozzarella cheese and parmesan combination will bring up the perfect taste for your pizza.


While these were our 10 best ways to incorporate pork belly into dishes, you have many more possibilities. You can try different combinations in dishes with pork belly. Just ensure that you are maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. In this way, your body will get all the extra nutrients like iron, zinc, copper, vitamin E, and fat-soluble minerals that it otherwise lacks.

Image by cvfder43 from Pixabay