• Steven Y., Toronto, On. - Feb 2016

    One of the better and worthwhile monthly subscriptions out there. The meat selection is unique and contains samples that cannot be found in your usual grocery stores, while at a competitive price compared to getting similar items at grocery stores. The guides that come with every month's box is beautifully presented and informative.

    If you like to eat cured meat on a consistent basis but want the selection and procurement process taken care of, this is perfect for you!

  • Emily B., Edmonton, AB. - Feb 2016

    After seeing Carnivore Club on Dragon's Den we decided to give it a try, sending it to a family member as a little "pick-me-up" every other month. The sign up process is easy and once you've signed up for your subscription (available in various intervals to suit your meat-cravings!) you can forget about it and wait for your subscription to arrive!

    We had an an issue with one box, and Carnivore Club was really quick to rectify the problem and expedited us a new box right away, along with a t-shirt to make up for the inconvenience!

    As for the meat itself, we've been subscribers for over a year now, and continue to enjoy what comes every other month. The little menu that is provided in each box is great for describing where the meat comes from and what it is paired best with.

  • JohnnyPrime.C. C., Manhattan, United States - Feb 2016

    Amazing service. I was introduced to several of my now favorite cured meats proprietors via Carnivore Club, and I've taken to my website to sing my praises. I can't recommend them enough. Also, the boxes/packaging are/is really nice. I've kept them as keepsakes. One box I ordered from them was actually a humidor that I now use for my cigars and pipe tobacco. What's even better? They often offer discounts, and you can take advantage of them if you follow their social media and keep a keen eye out.

  • Shawn S., Saskatoon, SK - Feb 2016

    I received a 3-month subscription from my in-laws for Christmas (best in-laws ever!) and every month I'm reminded of their thoughtfulness.

    Carnivore Club has an excellent curated selection and provides an info sheet on the products they selected taking the guess work out of knowing what to purchase at your local delicatessen. Highly recommend!

  • Angela C., Los Angeles, United States - Feb 2016

    Came across Carnivore Club on a whim by googling "charcuterie box" since we wanted something to pair with our wine clubs and it seemed like the next step up. We were impressed by the website and were curious about it so we placed an order for just one month - and four delicious artisan salamis were delivered! A duck salami, black truffle, white truffle, and venison salami. We are adventurous eaters but would have never known how to shop for quality charcuteries as we are newbies, and would probably not have picked these out at the local store. They were GREAT after we used our mandolin slicer on them, fragrant, rich, but not too heavy. Super impressed!

  • Chris Cox, Canada - October 2015

    I received my first box today a day late however that was Canada post fault as they delivered to my neighbour by accident. Carnivore club customer service was quick to start a claim against Canada post less then a day since my initial email.

    The box came and I was nervous that it would t be what I was expecting and was preparing myself to be let down however to my surprise the box was actually better then what I had expected.

    I love carnivore club and am already excited about receiving novembers box

  • Kelly Wier - July 2015

    My husband loves his carnivore club box I bought him for his birthday! I ordered him 2 months and now he is hooked, it's even hard to get him to share his meat with me...lol

  • Moe Ethier, Welland, Ontario - April 2015

    I must say that I am very impressed. I started with a one time box to see what it was all about, received 4 Russian Salamis from a supplier in Toronto and all were fantastic. I like the descriptions of each meat included in the box as well as pairing suggestions.

    I have now enrolled in the monthly subscription, received my first box from a Charcuterie in Montreal specializing in Spanish style meats and once again excellent!

    I am so looking forward to next month's delivery (as are my friends since they get to sample as well).

    Keep it coming as you have a VERY happy customer here.

  • Jessica Eady March 2015

    We always get our box on time. The website is very easy to use. We always have to tell EVERYONE what we got in our box that month and they are always envious! Thanks so much for the unique products Carnivore Club! Keep up the hard work!

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