Wild Game Meats Sampler

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At Carnivore Club, we know simple things like types of cured meats and what it means to have a delicious snack to break up the day. What we don’t know is what it’s like to wrestle a hungry Grizzly Bear with our bare hands or bash skulls with Water Buffalo over a fine looking cow… and frankly we’ll probably never know such things. We’ll leave such heroics to you. The True Outdoorsman. Hunter. Provider. Wild Man.

We’re here to simply provide you with some awesome Wild Game snacks and a badass 20L Dry Bag to carry it all during your adventures. In fact, this dry bag will become the perfect addition to your outdoor adventures, especially fishing trips, since they’re unbeatable for keeping your gear out of the elements. The dry bag can also double as an improvised personal flotation device if you’re really in the thick of it! 

What Comes Inside:
  • Elk Sticks (5 pack)
  • Hot Venison Salami
  • Bison Sticks (5 pack)
  • Original Salmon Jerky Strips
  • Hot Salmon Jerky Strips
  • Turkey Cranberry Salami
  • Carnivore Club 20L Dry Bag


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