The Gift of Meat. Checkmate.

Don’t purchase items that are doomed to be the next re-gift. You are the most thoughtful and impressive gift giver your inner circle has ever known.

There is no better way to impress the discerning foodie than a gift of the world’s finest artisan charcuterie. Each edition of Carnivore Club is packed with 4-6 products, delivered in a faux-wood box and accompanied by our Meat Eaters Handbook. Give the gift that makes a statement, month after month.

Warning: Your gift recipient may look at you with that “damn, you’re awesome” stare afterwards. Own it. You win. Carnivore Club gift, checkmate.

Gift Card


Carnivore Club gift cards offer ultimate flexibility. When you purchase the Carnivore Club gift card we will provide you with an attractive printable PDF that you can present at the time of giving. Your gift card will have a unique onetime use code with instructions on how to redeem the gift amount. Our gift card is the easiest way to give the gift of Carnivore Club.

*Promo Codes cannot be used with a gift card purchase.

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