Salami Bouquet

Carnivore Club has re-imagined what it means to express love. Give the ultimate gift of a gorgeous bouquet of 12 long stem salami sticks!


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Introducing our exclusive "Salami Bouquet" – a gourmet delight featuring 12 long-stemmed Exotic Meat Sticks in four delicious flavors, totaling a generous 18 ounces of exquisite meats. Explore a culinary journey with Pepperoni Passion, Buffalo Chicken Wing Bliss, Turkey Cranberry Elegance, and Venison Pepperoni Exquisiteness.

Perfect for any occasion, the Salami Bouquet is expertly crafted for those who appreciate unique flavors and high-quality meats. Elevate your charcuterie board, delight in a sophisticated snack, or gift this extraordinary bouquet for a memorable culinary experience.

Mild Pepperoni (3 Sticks): Savor the bold kick of our expertly seasoned and cured Pepperoni sticks, adding a spicy twist to your charcuterie selection.

Buffalo Chicken Wing (3 Sticks): Experience the zesty goodness of buffalo sauce infused into our Buffalo Chicken Wing sticks, delivering the savory taste of game day in an elegant form.

Turkey Cranberry (3 Sticks): Indulge in a festive blend of lean turkey and sweet-tart cranberries with our Turkey Cranberry sticks – a perfect balance of flavors.

Venison Pepperoni (3 Sticks): Enjoy the rich taste of venison in our Venison Pepperoni sticks, a gourmet twist on the classic pepperoni for a unique and satisfying experience.

🎁 Gift the Extraordinary: Ideal for special occasions, celebrations, or unique gifts, the Salami Bouquet is a culinary work of art that promises to surprise and impress.

Versatile Culinary Pleasure: Perfect for picnics, charcuterie boards, or as an everyday gourmet snack, the Salami Bouquet brings flavor to every moment..

We understand the importance of a Great Gifting Experience, and that's why we've made a Meat Stick Sampler that comes uniquely packaged as a Salami Bouquet! It even comes with a fun "You've Got Meat" note!

Unwrap the extraordinary with our Salami Bouquet – an experience designed to redefine gifting, elevate your culinary adventures, and leave a lasting impression. Order today for a bold and flavorful journey

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