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The Best Hangover Cure: Cured Meats

The Best Hangover Cure: Cured Meats

Where there is alcohol, there is bound to be a hangover. Headaches, nausea, and overall sick feelings have plagued generations of party-goers. Science has been trying for years to create a solution to the dreaded hangover, but the best hangover cures might have been in your kitchen all along! Cured meats are the best way to beat a hangover.


Whether it’s a plate of bacon, or a stick of salami, eating cured meats the morning after a night of heavy drinking can make you feel worlds better.


Bacon. Bacon and eggs are a years-old hangover cure, supported by science. The proteins found in bacon help neurotransmitters in the brain re-start proper functioning after a night of heavy drinking. Eggs contain an amino acid that helps break down the enzymes in alcohol that leave you feeling sick. A big breakfast of eggs and bacon after a night out can help both your brain and liver recover extremely quickly.


Jerky, Salami, & Other Cured Meats. While bacon has its own unique hangover-curing properties, jerky, salami, and other cured meats all affect your body similarly. Meat proteins found in cured meats reduce the effects of a hangover. Cured meats are a source of highly concentrated protein, which makes them fast-acting. The amino acids in cured meats help trigger neurotransmitters that speed recovery. Additionally, spices that are often found in cured meats, such as chili, are known to ease symptoms associated with hangovers. What could be better than a hangover preventing meat treat!


Cured meats can help ease hangover symptoms, but they may also be able to prevent hangovers from occurring. It is well known that you should eat food to help with a hungover, but studies have shown that eating cured meats at the time of drinking alcohol can reduce the likelihood or severity of hangover symptoms the following morning.  Having an empty stomach can only hurt your hangover, so it can't be a bad idea to enjoy some delicious cured meats! Vegans have been shown to have worse hangovers than meat-eaters. So, the next time you’re out on the town partying with friends, we recommend you bring some of your Carnivore Club favorites with you! You can thank us later.