Meat Bundle - at least 15 snacks - FREE SHIPPING Meat Bundle - at least 15 snacks - FREE SHIPPING2 Meat Bundle - at least 15 snacks - FREE SHIPPING3

Meat Bundle - at least 15 snacks - FREE SHIPPING

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In response to COVID-19, the lack of options at the grocery store, and to promote social distancing, we are offering in a limited capacity, snack bundles.

Each bundle will include at least 15 snacks and will ship out within 1 business day.
This normally sells for $110.00 including normal shipping rates.

Snacks include items like jerky, meat sticks, pepperettes, biltong, and snacking salamis. 

This will be offered for a limited time (we are dedicating all existing snack inventory towards this but obviously have finite amounts). This inventory was previously going to be used in upcoming subscription boxes. We are discounting these bundles because we feel its the right thing to do.

Few other thoughts on the bigger picture:
  • This gets cured, shelf-stable meats to your home allowing you to promote social distancing
  • This generates revenue for us, which allows us to purchase additional meats from our artisans sooner than already planned, which in turn stimulates many other businesses, which in turn keeps employees working.