March 2023 Snack Box

For Classy Carnivores

4-6 premium cured meats. Get exclusive access to salamis, prosciuttos, bacon, and more. You won’t find anything like this in your local grocery store!


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Bay Meats Butcher Shop

Located in historic Thunder Bay, Bay Meats Butcher Shop specializes in creating quality, gluten-free meat products. Since 2011, Cindy and Bruce and their staff have been working on recipes that are as healthy as they are delicious. Whether it's beef jerky, pepperettes, kielbasa, or ham, all their products are made with the pride that comes from small batch processing.

Great Canadian Meat

The Great Canadian Meat Company was founded back in 1992 in Whitby, Ontario, Canada as a two-man operation with one product: authentic dry pepperoni. Since then, they have expanded the brand to include the largest selection of shelf-stable meat snack in Canada, featuring pork, beef, chicken, turkey, and venison.

You can look forward to:

  • Teriyaki Jerky
  • Barbecue Jerky
  • Authentic Individual Mild Pepperoni
  • Authentic Individual Hot Pepperoni
  • Mild Buffalo Chicken Stick
  • Venison Mild Sticks