Best Seller's Bundle

Best Seller's Bundle

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Best Seller's Bundle

Tasting is believing! With these best sellers, not only do you have everything you need for game night with the boys, this can also be the perfect appetizer board for your next gathering. Now you can try each of our most popular dry cured meat and spread. We recommend you add a nice, freshly baked baguette and some chilled beers or wine. You will get a variety of sizes and spiciness of the 5 following:

  1. Seed to Sausage Duck Prosciutto- Simple, salty and elegant - a must for any charcuterie platter. A little goes a long way. Slice thinly and pair with a small piece of honey comb, a great cheese and a glass of wine
  2. Seed to Sausage Nduja- Spreadable salami, must we say more? Made with a blend of spices giving it a mild heat. This flavourful nduja is an extremely versatile. Put it on crackers, fresh bread or even as a pizza topping.
  3. Monte Nevado Serrano Ham- Meat has hues ranging from pink to purplish red with a fine grain, and may occasionally show tyrosine crystals as a result of its lengthy curing process.
  4. Il Tagliere Sweet Stickini- Made with antibiotic-free Willowgrove pork, this pork is also the first and only with DHA Omega 3s. The natural saltiness of the meat and the subtle sweetness are expertly combined to create a moreish.
  5. Niagara Prosciutto- Prosciutto is Niagara Specialty Foods’ pride and joy. When they receive their Certified Organic fresh hams, it’s trimmed, sea-salt preserved, and then air-dried for a minimum of 18 months. Pair with fresh melon or pear.


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