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There's nothing we love more than pulling together a good cheese and charcuterie platter for family and friends. They're easy and can be relatively inexpensive.

For those seeking out the finest in cured, aged or specialty charcuterie, there's a tasty new club in town. The Carnivore Club is a new venture operating out of Toronto that's just launched a meat-of-the-month club experience!

This monthly box packs a meaty punch with preserved charcuterie, terrines, and jerky made by people from around the world. The company says it goes out of its way to get items you won't find at a grocery store or your average butcher's shop.

The Carnivore Club is a store for those who know that regular supermarket meat simply won't cut it. Much like a fruit of the month club, Carnivore Club delivers specific packages for those looking for delicious meat.

There are box-of-the-month clubs for cosmetics, perfume, fruit, wine and chocolate - so why not meat? Not just slabs of steaks or a rack of ribs but artisan products that can't be found in grocery stores. The name says it all: Carnivore Club.