Great Canadian Meat + Porkshop Snack Box

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Great Canadian Meat

The Great Canadian Meat Company was founded in 1992, in Whitby, Ontario, Canada as a two-man operation with their Flagship product, our Authentic Dry Pepperoni. Since then they have expanded the brand to include Kurtzie’s Gourmet Deli, branching out into specialty sausages and salami products.

Pork Shop

Established in 2013, this young company has grown rapidly from its origins in Quebec, to reach their hungry fans all across Canada. Pork Shop’s mission is to innovate by creating unique meats that stand out and do new, interesting things with flavour – while still maintaining the key features of traditional dry cured products. They pay special attention to the origin andt the quality of the ingredients they use, buying only ethically and sustainably raised pork shoulder from a small local farm.

Customers can look forward to:

  1. Barbecue Beef Jerky (2.4oz) (Great Canadian Meat)
  2. Sweet Heat Beef Jerky (2.4oz) (Great Canadian Meat)
  3. Genuine Beef Jerky (1.5oz) (Great Canadian Meat)
  4. Maria Meat Cartridge (3.5oz) (Pork Shop)
  5. Henrietta Meat Cartridge (3.5oz) (Pork Shop)