Taste of Europe Salami Sampler Tin

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Taste of Europe Salami Sampler Tin (6-Pack)

We know Canadians take their salami seriously. That's why we've put together an eclectic mix of flavours and cultures for you to try! So come tour Europe with us, country by country, and flavour by flavour, as we explore all of the fantastic recipes these fine countries have to offer in the world of salami!

We selected 6 salamis with regionally-distinct flavours to provide you with a more well-rounded understanding of each country's traditional recipes as well as some of the delicious ways to experience them. Enjoy!

Customers can look forward to 6 amazing salamis regionally-inspired by:

  1. France
  2. Italy
  3. Portugal
  4. Spain
  5. Greece
  6. Germany