Ultimate Snack Bundle

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For centuries, artists and historians have written books, movies, and plays about What Women Want... but has anyone ever figured out What Men Want? No! I don't think so—not until Carnivore Club came along and kicked open the door through an exquisite journey to create One Perfect Gift aka The Key To A Man's Heart... 

And what all men want are SNACKS! So we took it upon ourselves to act as a cherub of love for this fine occasion—a match maker of sorts—and created the Ultimate Snack Bundle!

So whether you're searching for a gift for your long-time loved one or you're in the market for new love, this arrow will strike true!

This Gift Bundle Includes:

  • Salami Stick Meat Bouquet (with 12 Exotic Meat "Roses")
  • Box of Chocolate Sticks
  • Bag of Gourmet Truffle Potato Chips
  • Snacking Pretzels
  • Sierra Mountain Trail Mix
  • Jalapeno Popper Kettle Corn w/ Himalayan Pink Salt

**Please note this product ships in a Carnivore Club branded box