Premium Spanish Charcuterie Set (750g)


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Treat yourself to the finest Spanish charcuterie available. We at Carnivore Club have put together a traditional Spanish charcuterie set lined with prized Spanish cured meats highlighted by the highly coveted Iberian pork. This is not your ordinary charcuterie spread so we recommend saving this for a special occasion but we won't judge if you decide to snack on this on the daily.

What Comes Inside:

  • Iberico Bellota Shoulder 50g (30 months) - Jamón ibérico or Iberian ham also know as “pata negra” is a type of ham from Iberian pigs, highly appreciated in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine, where it is considered top cuisine product.

  • Sliced Serrano Ham Shoulder 100g  (18 months)- Serrano ham comes from the most common white pigs and stands out for its delicate and at the same time intense flavor. Our selection favors a traditional and quality product, coming from Estremadura an ideal context for an excellent seasoning process.

  • Sliced Iberian Chorizo Bellota 100g - This traditional Spanish salami Chorizo Bellota, is made in a beautiful artisanal way using the most prestigious black pork, pata negra from Spain. Seasoned to perfection, thick and flavorful, this chorizo goes perfectly with a platter of cheeses and meats
  • Fuet Whole Salami 400g - This Iberian Pork Salchichon fuet is cured using a traditional method. It is notable for its horshoue shape, in additeion to being stuffed in very fine natural casings. This exquisite salchichon is made with the best meat from Iberico pigs. Seasoned with salt, paprika and other spices, keeping the recipe the same and it is cured in a natural drying room at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level in the Sierra de Azalvaro.

  • Sliced Serrano Lomo Gran Reserva Loin 100g - Made from Iberico Bellota 100% acorn fed pork; Raised in Extremadura region; Pre-sliced 100 gr – Product of Spain – Cured for approximately 4 – 6  months

This item comes in a keepsake Carnivore Club gift tin.

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